Free Trial Invitation

We invite veterinary professionals, in the United States and Canada, to try a VetSpecs® monitor of their choice for free for one month, with no obligation to purchase and no shipping and handling fees. And we will allow customers to extend the trial to a full three months for only a nominal cost. If customers decide not to keep the monitor after the trial, we will provide them with a prepaid UPS shipping label to return the product. To request a trial, please submit the form below or call us at

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SM100 PM10 WM5 CM5 Capno-M

VetSpecs, Inc. markets its products directly to veterinary hospitals and clinics in the USA and Canada. All VetSpecs products are sold exclusively by VetSpecs direct sales force. We believe that selling direct allows us to deliver more values and provide better services to our customers. For customers outside the USA and Canada, please contact VetSpecs local distributors.