VetSpecs® UE-3

Universal Esophageal ECG & Respiration Probes

Compatible with ALL Patient Monitors of ANY Brands

Available in three sizes

Are you frustrated by registering erratic ECG tracings, unreliable respiratory waveforms, with erroneous heart and respiratory rates, when using ECG leads with alligator clips?

Compatible with all patient monitors containing ECG and impedance respiration, the VetSpecs® UE-3 esophageal probes register ECG and respiration with no leads / electrodes placed on the patient’s body or legs. To apply, simply slide a probe of right size into the esophagus of the patient, and then attach the ECG lead clips with your monitor onto the three metal prongs on the connection box of the probe. It takes only seconds to insert and position the probe. Once placed, the probe will stay in position throughout the procedure. Due to its proximity to the heart and lung and ensured good electrode to tissue contacts, the probe registers reliable ECG tracings and respiratory waveforms, with accurate heart and respiratory rates, in all your patients during surgery.

The UE-3 esophageal probes are available in three sizes, one for large and medium dogs, one for small dogs and cats, and one for kittens and similar-sized exotic animals.