VetSpecs® Monitor Equity Rental

Is your capital budget frozen? We have you covered.

With our monthly equity rental program, you can obtain a new state-of-the-art VetSpecs® monitor of your choice for a fraction of the revenue generated by the equipment, while earning real credit!

Upon receiving your renewable one-month rental order, we will ship you a new monitor, which is covered by a complete manufacturer’s warranty. During the entire rental period, you will have no additional costs outside of the monthly rental payment.

While you are renting a VetSpecs® monitor, with no obligation to purchase, you can buy the monitor at any time you want. If you purchase the monitor in the first three months, all your rental payments will be credited to the purchase price. If you purchase the monitor between the three and twelve months, one half (50%) of your total rental payment will be credited to the purchase price.

For more information, please call 1-800-705-0113.